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Daily Archive: January 12, 2005

Picture This 4

Picture This

Veteran athelete Kipchoge Keino burst into urpoarious laughter as President Mwai Kibaki asks a bewildered IOC Chairman Jacques Rogge: “My goodness, Moody! My you’ve changed! I Thought you were bald? And you really need...

Fret not my pets! 4

Fret not my pets!

I think i should create a page for this :: I will NOT, repeat, NOT take down the Original Thinker’s Room. It shall remain up forever (or at least until yahoo decide to cash...

Local Government 0

Local Government

Just what is it about city and county councils that brings out the Neanderthal (apologies to the Neanderthals) in people? Almost all elections are characterized by fisticuffs, headbutting and biting. Every other month the...