6 thoughts on “Defeated!”

  1. You would not believe the smartass comments that I have suffered all of yesterday as a forthright Gunners fan! Even fans of teams that would be clobbered by teams like Nzoia Sugar and Mafuko Bombers (like Liverpool!) have suddenly found voices!

  2. Dude the only thing that is more embarassing than losing to Man U is being related to TWO Man U fans!! It is one of dark family secrets :)

    – Kui

  3. Searching for Black African Women bloggers and what happens I come across a Kenyan gunners fan! Brilliant – as you know by now we just lost 3.1 to BM on Tuesday – but hey chelski and manure lost also so there was a bright side to our misery.

  4. What’s this nonsense about Gunners…sorry Gooners? And Kui, it’s a privilege that you are elated to two Man-U fans, so quit whining. You coulda been in a worse situation – being related to two Liverfool fans or even half a Wigan fan! As wahenga wlisema, “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” All this knowledge is being kicked over to you by a fan of the greatest football team in the world (ever watched Euro Trip?) – Manchester United life member – since Eric Cantona, Peter Schmeichel et.al.

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