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Monthly Archive: May 2005

Cheated! 13


Each and every last man on this planet can be absolutely and totally classified into one of two camps(a) Those who prefer Beyonce(b) Those who prefer Kelly Of course there are some who prefer...

Gunners 4 Life 11

Gunners 4 Life

Can you say “YEAH BABY”!Much as Manchester United played better, the Carling Cup game between Liverpool and Chelsea is another illustration that winning a game and winning a match are not always the same...

Some People Are More Equal 11

Some People Are More Equal

Attorney General Amos Wako is a man you are unlikely to miss. His trademark smile, cheerfully exposing his 78 teeth to observers, will have a strong case should there be pressure for a 9th...

The Name’s Al. Al Koholic 27

The Name’s Al. Al Koholic

A Lad’s Night Out is something that I generally look forward to with what can best be described as mixed feelings. Why? Because by the time I get home with the morning milk, I...

Sports Nuts 13

Sports Nuts

On my way to work I had a chat with a small boy as he hobbled painfully towards his establishment of learning. A few minutes of friendly banter had me discover that he was...

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard – I 14

It Shouldn’t Be This Hard – I

Kenya is composed of 31 million. 30,999,740 of these are human beings. The remaining 260, while closely resembling human beings, are nothing of the kind. I’d call them beasts of the field but even...