Hoyee Kenya!

Congratulations to Sudi Simiyu and the lads for coming away with some silverware from Twickenham.




Though truth be told it was an agonizing game to watch. It began very poorly. The commentators had a dim view of the dizzying array of knock-ons, forward passes and fumbles.

For these it can be argued the weather was not the best and the pitch was slippery.

What I took issue with was the Kenyans’ irrational blind inclination to kick the ball whenever they got it, losing posession 11 times out of 10. I like to think Coach Ayimba put an end to this insanity during the half time break.

Second half play though was markedly better, despite the commentators describing the final whistle as “A relief”!



Stories like these remind me why I have such a low opinion of “reality TV”


I’ve blogged about my iPod Martha before, and some of the more interesting possible accessories. Well, this one, via R, takes the biscuit (Borderline NSFW). Yikes!!!

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