What’s In A Name?

I have in the past expressed my concerns about the mainstream media, specifically the newspapers. When they are not sensationalizing trivial issues like what the Speaker’s Wife was wearing during a national crisis rather than focusing on real issues, many reporters betray a lethargy that verges on the comical.

Today for instance I have received a number of text messages informing me that I am in today’s standard. Many of them addressed me as Mwangi.

With some resignation I secured a Standard to find out what had been said about me and why I was being referred to as Mwangi.

Here’s the bit about me:

Mwangi of Thinker’s Room sympathized with “genuine” ODM supporters who seem to be watching their hero betray them”

The facts are as follows:
1) The Mwangi quoted there is not in fact myself. It is a comment that was left by a reader.
2) I am not, have not, and do not intend to be called Mwangi.
3) The reporter would do well next time to differentiate the sentiments of the blogger from those of the commenters. There is, you know, a difference. Now I am waiting for a deluge of threats and outrage from PNU yahoos who will finally feel that I have been exposed as an undercover ODM sympathizer (which I am not). I choose to attribute the failure to make the distinction (despite the fact that the quotes above and below mine were from the actual bloggers) to lethargy rather than a deliberate misstatement.

30 thoughts on “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Well said M. I sympathise with your predicament. Let me just say in their defence that in the fast-moving, sound-byte churning, spin-doctoring world of 24hour news, reporters can and often do make mistakes. They wouldn’t be human(e) otherwise

    I would certainly not call it a deliberate slur on your good name. The Thinker’s room is a well known joint and certainly needs no introduction. But M, pause a moment: just think how the formerly unknown donworry and the newly elevated Mwangi must be feeling just now. It is an ill-wind that blows nobody any good..for that i thank ye

  2. M!
    M could be Mungu,Mungiki or even Mwizi. If the person was choosing randsomely,why didn’t he land on any of the above,but just on Mwangi? Then of course he/she should learn to “be sure” of what he tells the public. But as for now the commenter, Mwangi is the one talked about in Standard,or what do you say Mwangi of thinker’s room?

  3. Kenya has no journalists. Just fictional writers who sensationalize everything. Its like I am watching Season 5 of the wire everytime I read a kenyan paper

  4. Hey Mwangi! Lmao! Thats just an indicator of the poor state of journalism in Kenya today, when Editors don’t fact check or double check their own stories.
    I’m waiting for Joe to come out of the wings and call you an ODM youthwinger! Pole sana….

  5. it’s all about filling the paper up with a bunch of hogwash that has nothing to do with anything (btw what kind of editor allows printing of this jibberish) – it’s what we(humans) do when we don’t want to deal with reality – sort of like overeating to fill up that void. A sorry..sad state!

  6. M, what shocked me about that article was how ‘thinker’s room’ represented the blogosphere. Standard should just close down. In the piece about the passing on of ex-pc mahihu, they actually said “He leaves behind a widow, Miriam, sons, daughters and many grandchildren”. Unseriousness and lethargy elevated to an art form! Pity (or happily?) few will ever care to join these particular world championships.

  7. Where to begin? I’ve had a long-standing battle with Kenyan media for longer than I can remember. There are several problems there, among the most serious being the reluctance to pay a realistic and un-insulting wage. As a result you get half-baked, indifferent (and oftentimes borderline illiterate) people working as “reporters.” That’s how you get plagiarism, a lack of attribution, sloppy fact-checking (that, as a department, doesn’t even exist in most newspapers).

    Something that concerns me is how technologically unaware several reporters are. So, M, they might still “stick with their story” because they came across Mwangi’s comment on the Thinker’s Room blog… So therefore, “Mwangi of Thinker’s Room” makes sense to them.

  8. yaani, i go missing a few months and im deleted from the roll of honor. im hurt excess.

    anyway what more do you expect from these so called journalist especially The Standard (what standards i ask?) where even spell check seems to be an major issue.

  9. M, you are barking up the wrong tree.
    How do you expect the standard guys to know what a blog is ( they would be having one if they did ) or that online, you never know who is on the other end, and that the said Mwangi could in real life be THE Michuki?

    Nation is no better. Who reads that piece called the bdafrica? You would imagine they would put more energy in researching their stories. Nothing.

  10. I did read the said article, while it was in good faith I find it was poorly researched as Rista says above one would expect an article on blogsphere would “quote” from a wide ranging choice of Kenyan blogs.

    Standard used to be a quality newspaper, not anymore. The East African is much much better newspaper.

  11. Ur site/blog was down jana… got worried… I do not trust them internal security guyz who are more concerned with ‘sedition’ than the real threat of mungiki… or the threat of politicians bankrupting our country!

  12. LOL… well.. at least someone is giving you some publicity.. maybe someone can benefit from the blog.. but dang.. there is always a hater out there…
    Is Mwangi the only name that starts with M?
    why not Mudavadi, or Musyoka, or Mungai! hu!

  13. Surely Mwangi, in addition to
    a) mtoto bila baba na bila school fees
    b)fake phone number that is always mteja
    c) drinks until nikalewa nikakubali zile story zako
    it now took standard to make me realize that you also gave me…
    d) a fake name?!

    Too too much Mwangi… come for the child (kwanza he has your ears)


    Sasa M.

    Poa M :) When are u reaching our hallowed shores?

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