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Monthly Archive: May 2009

Typing Errors 6

Typing Errors

Looks like Uhuru-ism is seeping into government. Sample the Presidential Press Service press release  

Can the UNDP Get Serious 7

Can the UNDP Get Serious

The rationale behind sending our 200+ MPs to coast on some amorphous retreat ranks right up mystifies me. Completely. I mean, let’s do some guesstimations. There are about 210 Muppets MPs. I doubt any...

The Law & Banking 6

The Law & Banking

24 Hour baking and immediate cheque clearing is long overdue. Cholmondley’s sentence could have been passed much earlier. Twitter me for byte sized wisdom :

Bon Appetit 11

Bon Appetit

Aah! Nothing quite like a swig of Pee and a mouthful of Shitto after a hard day’s work.