Safaricom & The Despised Postpaid Customer

I am a Safaricom customer, and to be precise, a Safaricom postpaid customer. I have two lines, my main phone line and a data line for surfing. Every month I pay about 9,000 bob between the two lines to Michael Joseph and his merry men. Why am I on Safaricom? A number of reasons, the top two being the company I work for is a Safaricom partner and it won’t do to call a Safaricom partner on a Zain/Yu/Orange line, and the other reason is that changing my number will give me more grief than I care to imagine.

The mechanics are simple. As a postpaid customer I have signed a contract (two actually, one per line) binding me and my soul to Michael Joseph for the next calendar year.

What I failed to realize is that there is an official motto within Safaricom that states the following:

Postpaid customers are irritants. They are the stuff you find between your toes after a hard day of ploughing and tilling the fields

Why? Because being a postpaid customer is an endless series of grief.

  1. You get two or three threatening SMS messages a month to settle your bill, whether or not you have paid
  2. You get your bills, generally two or three months late, with an absurd disclaimer “ignore this bill if you have already paid”
  3. You need to write a letter to do pretty much anything. I left a customer care lady talking to herself when she informed me that I needed to write a letter to them to sign up for M-Pesa. Well, you can S-Mother your L-Etters and S-Hove them S-Omewhere the S-Un don’t S-hine
  4. Absolutely raw deals in all the promotions that Safaricom offers

That last one is what I find HUGELY irritating. Why should postpaid customers be short changed? Isn’t our money legal tender? Look at the Jibambie promotion. The rate postpaid customers got was a shilling higher than that of pre-paid customers. Absolute bullshit. And in several capmaigns,postpaid customers are not eligible.

Here is the latest promotion I received in my email

Good morning,

Safaricom is pleased to announce the Niko na Safaricom “Get 50% extra airtime Top up Promotion” where subscribers will get 50% extra FREE airtime on all top-ups of Ksh 50 to Ksh 1000 e.g. Top-up Bamba 50 get 75/- airtime, Bamba 100 get 150…… 1000 get 1500/-

Promotion Mechanics: 

  • ALL top-ups during the promotion period, from Ksh 50 to Ksh 1000 using scratch-cards, electronic vouchers (EAD), ATM qualify for the discount.
  • You must top-up with Ksh 50 or more in one-go to qualify e.g. 3 Bamba 20 top-ups will not qualify
  • Promotion runs from 0600hrs to 2359hrs on Wednesday 15th July 2009.


  • MPESA top-ups and Sambaza DO NOT qualify
  • Offer available on all PrePay tariffs i.e. Ongea, Safari, Super Taifa and Staff Tariffs only
  • The extra airtime will carry the same validity as the normal airtime
  • The credit can be used to make both off-net and on-net calls/SMS and browse the Internet.

Subscribers can top-up as many times during the promotion. Each top-up of Ksh 50 or more will receive the bonus airtime.

Kind regards


Well the hell with you and the Horse you rode in on.

I am dying to know the good reason that I am sure exists why I am not eligible to participate in this offer. Clearly postpaid customers hawakao na Safaricom. Are we on Zain and yet don’t know about it?

I wrote back immediately demanding to know the basis behind this absurd discrimination. Knowing their ostrich strategy when dealing with customers, I’ll be surprised if I got a response.

Complacent indeed is the company that keeps giving its customers the middle finger.

19 thoughts on “Safaricom & The Despised Postpaid Customer”

  1. I am a prepaid (bamba 20 to 100) customer, and I don’t like their offers. Some of them run from 6 to midnight on only one day…but I guess I, as a prepaid customer, get the better deal?

    I agree that changing numbers is an m-effing headache. It should be possible to change providers without changing numbers.

  2. He he. Rants like this make my day!!! Which just goes to show what a sad sod I am!

    I stopped taking Tusker in a can when I realized I didn’t qualify for any any competitions that involve bottle tops. What I should have done was to write to EABL and tell them to go S-Hove their competitions S-Omewhere the S-Un don’t S-hine!


  3. Safaricom is like a husband who constantly beats you up but you can’t go back home because you have 3 kids, no job and two other sisters with 4 kids living in your mama’s house. He doesn’t beat you up everyday and sometimes he buys you nice clothes(the offers,Mpesa etc)

  4. You and safaricon deserve each other… muhahaha… Zain user… [Hey… Zain screws us too…] Who should I move to… Econet?

  5. Well, you can S-Mother your L-Etters and S-Hove them S-Omewhere the S-Un don’t S-hine………lol!

    I totally don’t feel your pain right now but really safariCon should do something. At least they should respond to your rant hapa hapa

  6. The problem with safaricom is the attitude they have toward their subscribers and its what is going to kill them. They need to treat all subscribers equally when it comes to offers.

    BTW have you checked your bonga points?

  7. Pole boss!

    Safaricom is the most profitable business in this country. They are good at doing what is absolutely essential and what locks out competition/locks in subscribers very well. What doesn’t really need to be done they emphasise far less.

    The tough truth is: a postpaid customer is locked in for the next one year – and he/she has even paid a deposit to do so. There is far less business logic for whispering sweet nothings in a postpaid customer’s ear by way of promotions/better customer care etc etc, compared to the prepaid customer who has been making eyes at Zain/Orange/Essar.

  8. Sorry, the postpaid customer is locked in for the duration of whatever notice period is on the contract, not for 1 year. But the point is, it’s much easier for the Prepaid customer to walk than for the Postpaid customer to do the same. Especially since a good number of Postpaid lines are corporate.

    I will not hold my breath waiting for that service to improve…

  9. Pole for your woes, I feel you totally. I keep thanking the forces that moved made me switch from Safaricom when they had congestion problems in the early days.

  10. Any company with a lion’s share of the market will do things that only it could get away with and as Chrenyan points out it makes little commercial sense for them to pamper their captive audiences. Their plan is to increase market share.

    Our “peculiar” love for Safaricom has made them peculiarly powerful.

    ….How did we get by in the last century?….

  11. Well said. Hope they get to read this.

    I have beef with them over bonga points. They do steal bonga points and do not award as stipulated in their terms and conditions.

  12. i totally agree, as a post paid customer i also made a customer care call to rant over being excluded in the givings.
    i think cck should step out of their celebrations and put a lid on the past and force these mobile companies to allow mobile number migration across networks. i mean its not a tech issue its just damn policy!

  13. i have a postpaid line for the broadband modem, which i buy a 1GB data bundle monthly, but whether the data bundle balance is fully utilized or not, am forced to recharged the account with atleast 1GB monthly to continue enjoying your services. now i have concluded that the postpaid service is not being convinient to me, can i change back to the prepaid service, and be refunded back the data bundle balance accrued on the postpaid line?

  14. What about the biggest lie of all – the Corporate Social Responsibility? With all the money being generated through saving the Mau and keep your environment clean..and in the same voice you introduce Bamba 5 and `Bamba 10..what BULL…. Has Safcom ever tried to go out and pick all the used ‘useless low denomination’ scratch cards discarded everyday – everywhere? Green is for the Environment, Green is for Envy – but safaricom green is for GRIEF.

  15. Corporations don’t owe anything to their customers… their legal responsibility is to make money for their share holders. Sorry!

    Safaricom are bastards…

  16. I am a safaricom customer for last 2 years. I am very satisfied with their services and offers. We have 3 users of safaricom in our family only.

  17. am a post paid user and am also disappointed at the ignorance safcom has towards all post paid users. I had my line barred for outgoing calls because I was not well informed of the procedure and delayed to make the payment. Its very heartbreaking knowing you have many minutes of talk time (balance) but cant make calls. the worst thing is their ignorance when I called to seek their assistance. am contemplating going back to prepaid or better still moving to a different network but it seems am stuck with them for the next one month.

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