Out Of Bounds

Some institutions, such as the female purse, the female facilities and the establishment where the female purchases what we shall call delicate attire are out of bounds to the male of the gender.

Attempts to to access these Level 1 areas by the male invariably leads to trouble. I know of two fellows who foolishly attempted to gain access to the women’s facilities at I&M Building. We are yet to hear of them again.

Some years back I was given the opportunity to look into a female handbag. Immediately classifying the female that made this offer as an enemy of the State bent on my destruction and complete annihilation I did not stop running till several kilometers away.

But the Lord works in mysterious ways and I found myself in action in an establishment that sells women’s underwear. How and why I got there are not relevant to the matter at hand. Suffice it to say I took advantage of the opportunity and attempted to gather intelligence.

It was a matter of moments to be mystified, flabbergasted and flummoxed at some of the things I saw.

I could ask to know

  1. What Nippless Covers are, and if there are covers for Nipps
  2. What secrets are covered by Secret Covers, and why they necessitate flashing

But I won’t. Some things like whatever happens in Lost, are best left undiscovered.