You Need It – We Got It

Nakumatt are not kidding when they say "You need it? We got it".

Was taking the lovely wife shopping and was amazed to find this offered for sale on the shelves

Just what on earth are those?

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7 Responses

  1. xs says:

    LOL! Why didn’t you buy it (them)? **pun intended**

    Let’s hear you saying “Can I have some kiddo’s balls” with a straight face!
  2. savvy says:

    I think they are kid’s balls.

  3. Our Kid says:

    Oh no. I have to tell some people to stop calling me Kiddo. Please stick to Our Kid.

  4. coldtusker says:

    This is why imports are not always advised!

    The Yugo was a NoGo in many countries… literally & figuratively…

  5. aden says:

    lmao. I don’t think I would buy them

  6. Sibbie says:

    LOL! Err…what are they supposed to be?

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