Today’s Wisdom – Be Nice

It is not entirely wise to be rude and disrespectful to waiters and waitresses. First of all they are human beings like you and me, who have a very hard job as it is without having to deal with rude and obnoxious muppets like some of you.

Secondly, there is a window between when they receive the food from the kitchen and when they put it down on your plate with a plastic smile for your rude countenance. Anything can happen in that window including surreptitious introduction of various substances and/or bodily fluids.

Think about that tine next time you are rude and obnoxious to these hard working ladies and gents

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4 Responses

  1. Kellie says:

    True true!

    On a different note, Kenyan guests are the hardest to please. Ok, Nigerians are at a whole different level in terms of maintenance, but my experience in hospitality has been when we’re expecting a local group, we prepare to be tortured.

    God forbid that wifi (which we give free of charge) is down thanks to our valuable ISP Access Kenya.

  2. mundu says:

    Talking of rude; it is not entirely polite to leave the blog with no updates for damn near couple months! what’s up M, muse taken a stroll?

  3. Iwaya says:

    You are inducing nightmares and increasing my phobia for eating out!

    whopee! i can finally comment. i have not been able to for a whole year, long story-something about shitty internet connections-delighted i can again!

  4. Nyambura says:

    This is so true. They will even go an extra mile for you. There is this coffee shop i frequent 03-04 times a week and the waitresses there will not only go out of their way to ensure i get a seat when its packed (i get all deer-caught-in-headlights when i enter a crowded room), but will discourage me from buying the pastries if they are not fresh. And it also pays to tip (wish more Kenyans did this)

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