Hard Truths #2–Mobile : The New Frontier. Yaaawn

So the other day I made a comment about our IT industry.

It did not go down well in certain quarters.

And so I did the only rational thing – I decided to expound further. In great detail

This series, based on my experience is the result of that.

No offence folks, but I’m tired of hearing about how mobile is the new frontier.

Everybody knows this. Nobody disputes this.

And yet there are innumerable seminars / workshops / meetups / white papers / blogs / articles to tell us this.



What’s the point of answering questions nobody is asking?

It is like having events to discuss if electricity or the wheel is the next big thing in 2012.

I think we can safely assume everybody knows the impact of mobility.

Nobody had endless seminars to discuss that electricity of the petrol engine were the next big thing.

They got on with it and innovated, improved, enhanced and built.

For many years I designed and implemented some solutions for the NGO sector, and that sector my friends is at another level when it comes to answering questions nobody asks and asking questions everyone knows the answers to.

The culture of meeting about doing things rather than actually doing things is poisonous, and we in IT are fast catching up with our NGO friends.

I have nothing against folks making a good living off this particular junket, but as a great man once said

Don’t hate the player. Hate the game

The rest of us should stop talking about where the fish are and FISH

4 thoughts on “Hard Truths #2–Mobile : The New Frontier. Yaaawn”

  1. True .. just because someone can have access to the Internet(innovation of last century) in the second yr of second decade of 21st century doesn’t qualify it as a frontier …..the cloud is here and mobile devices internal storage Memory reducing coz everything is going to the cloud ….it will be a frontier when thinkersroom.com will be hosted on one and accessible everywhere …when mobile becomes part of cloud not only as a client but server

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