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Lunch! 11


Due to some misunderstanding over instructions to do with apples, under the influence of a snake, man and woman have been consigned to a lifetime of toil. This has changed from hard days of...

Interviews Volume I 7

Interviews Volume I

Doing a straw poll with some of my peers in the industry, I discovered to my surprise that most of them approach the task of recruitment and interviews with horror. One of my colleagues...

Cabinet Tales V 34

Cabinet Tales V

Kibaki: “Hizo mawezere wezere wezere wezere ….” Karua: I beg your pardon?! Kibaki: Bloody bure! I was just singing to myself Mwakwere: Are you from Coast? Marende: Order! Order! Any member can sing if...

Sales Talk 22

Sales Talk

During the course of a honest day’s work, I inevitably have to read several business and technical proposals, heavy with an increasingly common dialect of English called sales talk. With each 30 page proposal, I...

Roberta And The Garage Part I 41

Roberta And The Garage Part I

[Special Shout Out to Salome] Unlike most of my brethren, my interest in cars begins and ends in their exterior. We can debate whether the VW Touareg indeed looks better than the BMW X5,...