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Being Online Does Not Make Media Digital 3

Being Online Does Not Make Media Digital

Consider a newspaper. Publishing a newspaper has certain constraints Size. Most newspapers are A4. This places some limits on content Pages. Newspapers have a finite number of pages per issue, usually constrained by costs...

KRA, Safaricom & You 23

KRA, Safaricom & You

So, there I am, like a good boy, reading my morning paper. I come across this story in the Business Daily. And upon reading it come across this, that triggered the following reaction The...

Airport 13


I really enjoy traveling. Really. There’s just something about being in totally unfamiliar surroundings, surrounded by totally unfamiliar people speaking an unfamiliar language that just appeals to me.   Being unknown in unknown surroundings...

Attack Of The Literati 37

Attack Of The Literati

* Long Post. Take Bathroom break now * In every village, in addition to the village madman and the village idiot, there invariably exist the village’s literati. These would be the folk who gather...

Get Real: Poverty Eradication 101 36

Get Real: Poverty Eradication 101

There a number of fields of industrial development that create quite a number of jobs and bankroll billions around the world. The better known culprits include oil, computers, mobile telephony and pharmaceuticals. The identity...