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The ICC 6 8

The ICC 6

Whenever I hear of William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta, Joshua Arap Sang, Francis Muthaura, Hussein Ali, Henry Kosgey, Hague, ICC, Ocampo etc I get the powerful urge to hand in a heartfelt yet relieved resignation...

Corporate Waffle 3

Corporate Waffle

I am mystified as to what point we stopped speaking English in the business world. This link,, had this gem: Through the creation of social hubs and influencer-driven custom content programs linked to...

Life 5


Sometimes truth gets in the way of fiction making it very hard to blog …

Freaks! 6


According to google analytics, some of you are in the process of looking for some interesting things before you land here Yikes!!

Only In Kenya 10

Only In Kenya

Much ado has been made about the Track-It fiasco. Bet you thought CarTrack was a sure thing, didn’t you? With their usual keen spirit of entrepreneurship, Kenyans have not been idle. allow me to...

Typing Errors 6

Typing Errors

Looks like Uhuru-ism is seeping into government. Sample the Presidential Press Service press release  

New Appointments 7

New Appointments

Good morning fellow Kenyans. My name is Alfred “I See Dead People” Mutua. Government would like to reassure its citizens that the recent resignation of Ms Martha Karua and Mr Danson Mungatana have not...

While I Was Away … 51

While I Was Away …

That is me flying through the air with the greatest of ease. Reading from Left to Right: Myself and My Better Half Hopefully the above will explain my absence for the past few weeks...