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Jubilee Student 1

Jubilee Student

Headmaster: Ah, Jubilee. There you are. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your term project … Jubilee (Smiling): Let me stop you right there headmaster. My commitment to my project is steadfast,...

Whither Amina? 1

Whither Amina?

From all accounts our Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Amina Mohammed, is an intelligent, articulate official, which normally tends to be an outlier in the typical African government. And then I read this crock...

The Kenyan Armed Forces & You 24

The Kenyan Armed Forces & You

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that the Kenya Defence Forces, in the form of the Kenyan Army was deployed to help contain the atrocious situation at Westgate. As both a...

Cabinet Tales VI 18

Cabinet Tales VI

Kibaki: Bloody bure! So, Raila, we’re going to that place, yes, that one, not the other one. That one. No, not THAT one. That one. To plant those things. With the trunks.Raila: Elephants?Kibaki: Yes....

From A Fly On The Wall 9

From A Fly On The Wall

Minister: Yes, I am fully behind Miller Chair: OK then, one vote for Cecil Minister: Wait! Who? Chair: Cecil. Miller’s first name is Cecil Minister: (Incredulously) You mean it’s not Maize?

Moving On 60

Moving On

[EDIT 20:21] “Moving on” is a phrase I’ve heard bandied about a lot of late. It irritates me as much today as it did the first time I heard it, cleverly slipstreamed into conversation...