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Sweets 8


That green character there has a dubiously lurid expression and engaged in what appears to be equally dubious activities!

Odds & Ends 29

Odds & Ends

My struggle to be”significant and articulate” continues. Paying Tax My sympathies are with Mr. Wesley Snipes. After spending the better part of 3 years trying to keep the taxman off his assets he will...

Roberta And The Garage Part I 41

Roberta And The Garage Part I

[Special Shout Out to Salome] Unlike most of my brethren, my interest in cars begins and ends in their exterior. We can debate whether the VW Touareg indeed looks better than the BMW X5,...

Awards 2006 20

Awards 2006

Person Of The Year He may have passed away but my man of 2006 is David Munyakei. Not because of anything he actively did in 2006 per se but because of the example he showed...

Randomize IV 22

Randomize IV

Mzalendo Buzz Having mentioned in Wednesday’s Daily Nation has led to a flood of feedback that has certainly shown that there is keen interest in what Ory and I are trying to do. Which...

Randomize III 43

Randomize III

Barack Obama Barack Obama, the Senator of the good State Illinois, made a tumultuous welcome to Kenya late last week. Everyone, and everything, from the man on the street, to livestock, to stray cats...

Politricks 29


Only in Kenya, I tell ye, only in Kenya! The Kenyan Member of Parliament is the quintessential schmuck. Really. Politicians, in their true sense, have proven that even if they had only one leg they...

Ask M II 31

Ask M II

Wangu If you could only give your children three things, what would they be? – Thirst for knowledge – Compassion for others – Strong characters In 20 words, give what you think is the...