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OlyMpics! 22


Absurdity Kenya as usual sent a delegation that was top heavy, rich in officials, officers and attaches and wanting in athletes. And even those officials, officers and attaches were only going to exercise their...

Fore! 11


Raila: So, what’s your … er … handicap? Emilio: (Nervously) A bit of flatulence. Yourself? Raila Snoring Pic from East African Standard ( WTF Of The Day Apparently, Women in jeans cannot be raped

Hoyee Kenya! 11

Hoyee Kenya!

Congratulations to Sudi Simiyu and the lads for coming away with some silverware from Twickenham.   © KRFU   Though truth be told it was an agonizing game to watch. It began very poorly....

Boring Cricket? Add A Dead Body 36

Boring Cricket? Add A Dead Body

Cricket is one of those games I personally don’t give a flying rat’s ass about. Really. The word ‘runs’ brings to mind loud and violently explosive activity from your Southern Border while seated primly...

Soccermania 1 56

Soccermania 1

I was a very unpopular individual on Saturday. In the Argentina vs Germany match I was enthusiastically for the Fatherland. In the England vs Portugal match I was solidly on Portugal’s side while some...

Rugby, reminisces & KBW 53

Rugby, reminisces & KBW

If the proverbial genie were to offer me five wishes right now my answer without hesitation would be the following: 1) To be associated with this logo 2) To wear this jersey 3) To...

Gunners 4 Life 11

Gunners 4 Life

Can you say “YEAH BABY”!Much as Manchester United played better, the Carling Cup game between Liverpool and Chelsea is another illustration that winning a game and winning a match are not always the same...

Sports Nuts 13

Sports Nuts

On my way to work I had a chat with a small boy as he hobbled painfully towards his establishment of learning. A few minutes of friendly banter had me discover that he was...