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How Long? 1

How Long?

It was the sniffling that made me turn. There she was. Seated cross legged on the grass. Tears rolling down her cheeks. I’d seen her around, and we had talked on occasion when her...

Esther & Jeff 6

Esther & Jeff

OK, one FINAL one for the road. I promise. The look on Jeff Koinange’s face in this particular screenshot is just priceless.

Wetin De Money Oh 4

Wetin De Money Oh

I’ve had my share of 411 fraud letters but this one takes the biscuit. It is reproduced here in full with all the grammar and typos intact US DEPARTMENT OF TREASURY US Treasury Department290...

Driving In Nairobi 9

Driving In Nairobi

Human beings in all their wisdom, eccentricities and brilliance are at the end of the day very strange beings that behave very strangely, both while alone as well as in the society of their...

Banana Republics 9

Banana Republics

It is said that the first step is denial. Well, I am pleased to report that I am no longer in denial. This country, ladies and gentlemen, is for all intents and purposes a...